Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale Price App

A tool to know the prices collected at fruits and vegetables wholesale markets

The app is meant for the enterprises of the sector and it grants access to the prices collected at the national wholesale markets of fruits and vegetables, in a simple manner which is free of charge.

Products are divided into product categories: citrus, fruits, vegetables, exotic products, and dry products.

Users have the possibility to know the minimum price, the maximum price and the prevailing price by choosing their product of interest among those listed in one product category.

Moreover, thanks to a shared coding system, it is possible to compare the prices of each specific product collected in different markets.

The app is daily updated with the prices resulting at the end of negotiations, through interviews made by specialists working for the management of each market, and in collaboration with Italmercati. Later, the prices collected are to be recorded in an online database provided by BMTI.

The APP is available on Google play and App Store

The app on the prices of the wholesale market of fruit and vegetable has been realized by Unioncamere, with the support of BMTI S.c.p.A., within a joint initiative with the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy.