Market Trends for the Agri-food Products Falling under the Competence of CUN

CUN (from the Italian “Commissioni Uniche Nazionali”) are single national commissions, which were established by the Italian Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies with the Italian Minister of Economic Development under Decree no. 72/2017, and for the purpose of formulating target prices and related market trends for agricultural, agri-food, and fishery products.

For further information go the thematic website

The single national commissions that are operative:

  • CUN – Pigs for slaughter
  • CUN – Farm Pigs
  • CUN – Sows for slaughter
  • CUN – Fat and Lard
  • CUN – Fresh Pork Cuts
  • CUN – Live Rabbits for National Livestock’s Meat
  • CUN – Natural Eggs for Human Consumption

CUN meet on a weekly basis at pre-determined locations and dates for each commission.

Go to the related page of the thematic website and read the latest price list released for each CUN

By registering to the thematic website, you can automatically download CUN price lists in .XML format.

What BMTI Does for CUN

BMTI manages the Technical Secretariat by carrying out the following activities:

  • It calls and manages meetings;
  • It collects, elaborates, and publishes ad-hoc information reports;
  • It drafts meeting minutes;
  • It edits the publication of price lists and documents available in the thematic website

BMTI further supports the Italian Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies in all the stages for the implementation of CUN.


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