TAIEX INTPA: “The Italian Chambers of Commerce System’s tools for price Transparency and dissemination”

On November 29 and 30 2022, part of BMTI Team will be involved in the TAIEX INTPA: “The Italian Chambers of Commerce System’s tools for price Transparency and dissemination”. 

TAIEX is an instrument of the European Commission for technical assistance and information exchange, through which European Union’s best practices are shared. 

The objective of this TAIEX is to strengthen the capacity of Ecuador’s institutions in the interventions that support SMEs’ market access and competitivity, by sharing the experience of the Italian Chambers of Commerce System in the field of market transparency and development. 

The experience BMTI has in disseminating economic information – by making full use of the information production of the Italian Chambers of Commerce System on prices and rates – and in innovating and developing new ad-hoc services for enterprises and institutions, indeed it represents an example of actions to support the competitiveness and transparency of markets, in line with the EU principles of a Single Market based on competition and knowledge. 

BMTI will make available its expertise to foster market competitiveness and the formulation of public sectoral policies. The information exchange is about the collection, analysis, and dissemination of prices, starting from those of the agri-food and fishery products. 

Creating favourable conditions for market competitiveness based on transparency of prices and the certainty of negotiations, starting from the agri-food sector, is amongst the priority of the Ecuador’s institutions involved to help the SMEs.  

The beneficiary of the initiative is the Ministry of Trade and Production (MPCEIP) but will also participate representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) and of the Ministry of Telecommunications (MINTEL). 

The TAIEX initiative is built in different workshops, others than today and tomorrow’s sessions there will be another event in December, followed by a study visit from Ecuador to Italy 

We would like to thank the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) and the Delegation of the European Union to Ecuador for the organisation of the event. 

The initiative is organised with the support of the European Commission’s Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) and funded by the Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA). 

For more information:   https://bit.ly/3XBpmq9