Within the scope of the initiatives promoted by Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies to foster market transparency by disseminating price-related information, on-going amounts and trends, BMTI carries out 3 types of analysis on the section for fishery prices Ittico Prezzi of the thematic website Ittico BMTI.

With the support of REF Ricerche, BMTI created a series of interactive dashboard in Tableau Public that allow to run a search in the GFK database on fishery product consumption in Italy during 2019.

The indices measured are mainly the number of purchasing families, the split purchase in Kilograms, the average spending in euros, and the buying frequency and penetration.

These indices can be filtered by commodity category, such as the totals of fishery products, landed or farmed products, served or non-served products – sorted by fish species and socio-economic factors such as the geographical area, income, the age of the person responsible for purchases, and household size.

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