With Institutions

Projects and Initiatives with Institutions at National and International Levels

BMTI expertise in the field of market regulation, monitoring and development, and economic information dissemination, is made available to institutions and government bodies, both at national and international level. Our status allows us to work through institutional cooperation as well as direct award by means of an agreement.

Considering that our mission is of general interest, our work is based on impartiality and transparency, and this how we develop activities and initiatives in different fields, for the development of the Italian economic system and public interest.

Prices and Economic Information

The variety of data sources, its difference and, often, reading difficulty, give specific importance to the activities of market analysis and monitoring, and dissemination of informative tools. The expertise we have in such areas, as well as the extensive information production we manage, allow us to cooperate with institutional bodies – among which are already Chambers of Commerce and Ministries – for the development of initiatives aimed at fostering market transparency, and show patterns of price composition. Our initiative for the Development of the Chambers of Commerce’s Competence in the field of Price and Rate Collection is one example:

Moreover, we support institutions in the creation of mobile applications useful for knowing wholesale prices.

Fishery Wholesale Price App (in Italian only)
Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale Price App



Promotion and Development of Agri-food Markets

Creating tools and opportunities that help the commercialisation of agri-food products falls within our scope. Among our institutional cooperation activities to the benefit of enterprises are the development and promotion of online markets and those types of product that can be exchanged. An example is the Online Market of Fishery Products:

Moreover, we support institutions in planning and implementing institutional communication and promotion campaigns to raise awareness about issues of public interest, in those sectors where our contribution can bring an added value. Our institutional campaign to enhance the Italian pig production chain is one example:

See the related page (in Italian only)

Sustainable Economy and Legality

The expertise and experience in creating tools for the transparency and regulation of agri-food markets are some of our best practices that can be also used in other contexts, to help promoting a more sustainable economy both from a social and environmental point of view. An example is the Fi.Le. project (from the Italian “Filiera Legale”) recipient of EU funds under the framework of the Italian OP on Legality:


Thanks to our activity for the development of markets and the dissemination of economic information, we can cooperate with foreign countries sharing our experience and expertise. We are committed to “developing a system of open international trade, based on shared rules that are not discriminatory, and which can remove the distortions that restrict the availability of food, thereby creating the conditions for improved global food security” (Milan Charter of 2015).

For details and clarifications write to us at international@bmti.it or call +39 (0)6 44252922