Invoice Trading

Transform your company’s credits in liquidity

BMTI makes available to the companies registered in its online markets, an online platform of invoice trading.

Thanks to a specific agreement between BMTI and Confeserfidi the registered operators may obtain liquidity through Red Finance, an online platform.

This platform has been structured on the basis of the real needs of those operators registered in the Online Markets managed by BMTI. It allows them to liquidate commercial credits, by eliminating the costs of financial intermediation and by reducing the time of assessments thanks to the dematerialisation of procedures.

This model is based on an auction mechanism which guarantees market transparency

Assign your credits, use the Invoice Trading.

How does the platform work?

  • Confeserfidi manages Red Finance, the invoice trading platform reserved to all the companies operating in the Online Markets managed by BMTI.
  • Companies with commercial credits deriving from contracts closed on the Online Markets managed by BMTI, candidate their assignment non-binding proposals through the platform Red Finance.
  • Professional investors have the possibility of accepting the offer or of doing a counter-proposal.
  • Reached the agreement, the counterparties stipulate an assignment contract and the assignor company may obtain the down payment of the invoice at the agreed price.
  • There are no trading costs in addition to the percentage of discount on the lending value, defined at auction.

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