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Tools and Services for the Negotiation of Agricultural and Agri-food Products

The Italian Online Commodity Exchange: The Online Market for Agricultural, Agro-energy, Agri-food, and Fishery Products

The Italian Online Commodity Exchange is the sole regulated national market where economic operators can trade agricultural, agro-energy, agri-food, and fishery products every day, by using an online platform.

Based on regulation and clarity in negotiations, it is a tool for demand and supply matching which reflects market dynamics and determines the prices and volumes of exchanged products in real time.

The market is real and not financial thus, after closing contracts, the products are always delivered by the sellers to the buyers.

The Italian Online Commodity Exchange was established by law by the Italian Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies under Decree Law no. 174/2006, then amended by Decree Law no. 97/2012 .

Three bodies guarantee its functioning:

  • BMTI, through the management of the negotiation online platform;
  • The National Deputation, performing supervisory and steering functions;
  • The Chambers of Commerce, with the coordination of Unioncamere, through the promotion of territorial activities and services, and the maintenance of the online platform functioning.

How it Works

The General Regulation sets the functioning of Italian Online Commodity Exchange, and specifically the conditions and modes of admission to negotiations.

The transaction of products takes place between Operators accredited to the Italian Online Commodity Exchange, through the activity of SAI (approved intermediary Agents) – registered in a specific list – who are entrusted with collecting and managing buy and sell orders. In the event of agreement on the quantity, price, and delivery method, the platform issues an online contract legally binding, which conditions are set by the General Dispositions and Specific Regulations prepared for each online market.

Register to the Italian Online Commodity Exchange.

Online Markets

Online markets are “virtual gathering places” where economic operators can conduct negotiations for different products. The markets can be entered using any device with internet access, and the personal credentials received after the registration.

On the online markets can be closed both contracts for “ready delivery” (immediate delivery) and “delayed delivery” (deferred delivery) – with deliveries planned on a weekly, monthly basis, etc. Every active market is regulated by the General Dispositions, which describe basic contractual terms – payment, delivery/pick up of products, modes of disputes resolution, etc – and Specific Regulations, which set the ways to describe product characteristics.

Prices and volumes resulting from product transactions on the online markets are released through weekly price communications helping market transparency.

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Services for Enterprises

If you use the online markets, there are additional services available to support your activities and promote your business.
You can choose among the Safe Online Market and Financial Services covering your transactions on the online market, or you can create a Display Window where to promote your business activities and products.