Our Company

We are the agency of the Italian Chambers of Commerce System in charge of market regulation, development and transparency, and prices and economic information dissemination. We are a public equivalent body, and specifically a non-profit joint-stock consortium company, which is state-owned and established by the Italian Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies in 2006.


Every day we take care of analysing markets, creating tools and services, and providing economic information to enterprises, institutions, and people in general. By using digital technologies, we can carry out our tasks rapidly and with benefits for the community.

With our expertise:

  • We manage the database of the official wholesale prices, made available by the Chambers of Commerce, wholesale markets, CUN (single national commissions), and the Italian Online Commodity Exchange.
  • We develop tools and services to foster the dissemination of economic information to the benefit of enterprises, institutions, and consumers.
  • We manage the trading platform of the Italian Online Commodity Exchange, which we developed to facilitate demand and supply matching of agricultural, agri-food, agro-energy, and fishery products, and to bring efficiency and transparency to markets.
  • We develop initiatives to improve the development and transparency of markets – starting from those in the agri-food sector – together with the Italian institutions, and we support them in the implementation of EU policies

Our Values

We act for the general interest, reason why we communicate with institutions and enterprises in order to understand their interests and needs, and provide them with our expertise and commitment. Impartiality and transparency are the principles guiding us to fulfil our mission and offer our services.

Our Commitment

With the aim of supporting the competitiveness of the Italian economic system, we rise to the digital transformation challenge and are committed to disseminate information and offer ever more useful tools for the activities of enterprises and the formulation of economic policies.

Our action is also devoted to consumers, for whom we spread data and news for a conscious purchase of goods and services, in order to contribute developing a transparent and sustainable economic system.

We are willing to cooperate with foreign countries and share with their institutions our know-how and engagement in “developing a system of open international trade, based on shared rules that are not discriminatory, and which can remove the distortions that restrict the availability of food, thereby creating the conditions for improved global food security” (Milan Charter of 2015).

The Regulations that Define our Functions