Display Window

Are you an accredited Operator or a SAI (approved intermediary Agents) registered to the Italian Online Commodity Exchange? Get the service of Display Window: a promotional room with open access for all web users, useful to increase your business visibility and give a strong professional and trustful image of it. The service subscription is allowed only to the enterprises that are registered and compliant with the requirements as in the General Regulations of the Italian Online Commodity Exchange.
In display windows, you can upload texts, documents, pictures and videos – useful to represent and promote your business – and customise the website address with the name of your enterprise.

The annual cost for Operators is EUR 90,00 + VAT. For SAI, the service is included in the Package Plus.

To request the Display Window write to us at iscrizioni@bmti.it or call +39 (0)6 44 25 29 22.

If you are not registered to the Italian Online Commodity Exchange, use this Registration Form and request the Display Window.

Service Guide to the Display Window

See an example of Display Window

SAI and Operators' Display Windows